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Picture of Hotels For Weddings.There is nothing more important in a couple’s life than their wedding day, the day they speak their vows loudly in front of all their friends and families. This is supposed to be the first day of the rest of their lives and it is absolutely necessary that everything goes perfect.

We are here for all those couples that need advice regarding their wedding destination and we provide complete information regarding the most exquisite hotels for wedding and wedding venues.

In order to simplify your choice we presented only those hotels for weddings that provide both civil ceremonies and wedding receptions or parties. Most of these fabulous hotels for weddings offer wedding consultancy and work with some of the best wedding specialists from all over the world.

You can pick your own wedding consultant and ask him for one of these so called “destination hotels” and he will take care of all the details together with the hotel’s wedding specialist.

Most wedding consultants talk about a certain wedding vision that a couple must discover when planning their dream wedding and it involves all of their five senses: sound, sight, taste, smell and touch. Starting from these premises the wedding coordinator will help the happy couple decide over the food, drinks, decorations, themes, photographer and even more important, over the wedding location. In order to determine that vision the couple must be like an open book with the wedding coordinator and share their previous experiences as a couple starting from where and how they first met and up to the place and time of the engagement.Picture of Hotels for Vintage Weddings.

They must talk about their preferences, previous experiences, hobbies, favourite movies and songs. All these are important for the wedding planner to understand better the couple and their wishes so that he can start taking care of the entire preparations.

You must make sure that the wedding coordinator is fully updated with all the necessary details before he starts recommending a list of hotels for weddings and wedding venues and before he even consider a wedding theme.

Some of the first questions will be connected to the desired wedding month, the favourite time of the day (morning, afternoon or evening) and the wedding location. The couple will have to choose between a hotel for weddings, a garden, a historic estate, a country club or a resort. Under no circumstances will the choice be an easy one.

After deciding over the perfect hotel for wedding or wedding venue you must take into consideration the exact place inside that hotel or venue. Most of these special wedding locations have options to offer such as a ballroom, a backyard garden, a balcony or a roof top terrace.


The Royal Park Hotel London

When all the previous details are set make sure you do not jump to a final choice until you have everything clear. No matter how perfect a hotel for wedding may first appear you must still get more information about the price, the capacity (whether it is large enough or whether the price is higher in case the room is not full) and the extra taxes you must pay for the caterers and services.

Another issue that you must consider after choosing your hotel for wedding or wedding venue is regarding the internal rules for the civil ceremonies as some regions do not accept strangers or foreigners getting married in that location and for others you may need extra papers in order to be accepted. Feel free to also ask more unusual questions and describe them in detail how your wedding is planned. You would be surprised to find out how many hotels for wedding are against some particular decorations, certain types of wines (mostly red ones because of the stains) and confetti (some places accept only natural flowers and others are completely against them).

In order to make sure you made the right choice regarding the hotel or venue you chose for your wedding ask your wedding coordinator to contact the first three or five options and ask them for a detailed request for proposal (RFP). After you get the answer from all you can start making a decision based on real facts.

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