Bodrhyddan Hall

The Bodrhyddan Hall one of the greatest Wales wedding venues. The Hall was built after the style of the 17th century and other ornaments specific to the 19th century have been added by the renowned architect William Eden Nesfield but specialists affirm that there are signs that the Bodrhyddan Hall dates from earlier than this.


Bodrhyddan HallPicture of Wedding at Bodrhyddan Hall.Picture of Bodrhyddan Wedding.


The house still is a home for the Lord Langford and his family and it is said that the building was owned by this family ever since it was built up, over five hundred years ago. There are obvious signs that a house existed there seven hundred years ago, a dwelling built from grey stone around 15th century.

It is said that this house initially was oriented on the southern part and the front door was faced to the main road. Apparently nowadays we are not able to see any of these signs as the front main entrance was completely redecorated in the 19th century and it now faces west with a mile long alley to the main road.

Picture of Wedding Reception Hall.The old main door can now be seen at the main entrance of the garden. The redesigned western part was built in Queen Ann revival style and the house was significantly enlarged. The actual picnic area and forest walk zone that is named the Dingle was previously housing fish ponds in the 15th century.

The Bodrhyddan Hall has some incredible gardens available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Pleasance (the parterre) and the Dingle (the avenue) are spread over eight acres. Each summer the parterre is being replanted with different flowers and herbs. This year you can admire the geraniums and ageratum preferably in late July when they look best.  In the eastern part of the parterre lies the Old Park and on its top there can be seen the kitchen garden made of brick walls, and the Ice House.   

The Bodrhyddan Hall is famous all over the world for the fact that despite its private owning it still accommodates wedding ceremonies and receptions. Bodhyddan has an official license for civil wedding ceremonies and also enough space to host a wedding reception afterwards with excellent services available.

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