Wedding Locations - Great Wall of China

Picture of Wedding Locations Wall China.The Great Wall of China has witnessed so many love stories along time therefore it is considered one of the most romantic wedding locations in the world. Normally the wedding ceremony is performed on the roof top of the Commune villas.

It took twelve architects to design the villas group and the collection is nowadays run by the Kempinski Hotel Group. By choosing this amazing wedding location you will say "I do" in front of the Great Wall of China, a symbol of love and freedom.

This is the longest building in the world created entirely by man that was seen by the astronauts from the earth orbit.

The legend of the Great Wall of China is actually a very romantic story about a girl named Meng Jiang Nu the daughter of a garden owner that married Fan Qi, one of the workers building of the Great Wall of China. Shortly after the wedding Fan Qi had to go away and continue working at the Great Wall leaving his wife home waiting for him.

Winter came, and there was no sign of Fan Qi so his wife decided to go look for him and bring him some warm clothes that she made for him. Once she reached the place where her husband was supposed to be she learned that he was dead and built into the Great Wall.

Meng Jian Nu was so devastated and she cried so much that the wall got broken into pieces and many other bodies were revealed. In order to find out which one belonged to her husband she cut off her fingers and let the blood flow around the wall until it all flow into one body, the dead body of her husband. Finally knowing which body belonged to Fan Qi, Meng Jiang Nu buried him after their tradition, and afterwards jumped into the river and committed suicide. There is a temple in memory of Meng Jiang Nu at the eastern side of the Great Wall of China.

After hearing this legend or seeing the movies made after it, many couples consider that this would be the ideal wedding location for the most romantic wedding. In order to make this possible the Kempinski Hotel Group has developed a business and offers up to five hundred seats for the wedding reception. A large wedding reception will be accommodated in the Club House, but if you desire a smaller and more intimate wedding you can have it in a small villa or a chalet where you can serve a traditional Chinese meal, served by a well trained butler.

You can find the Commune villas in nearby of the Shiguan part of the Great Wall of China, 50 kilometers away from Beijing, China.

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