Historical Wedding Themes

Picture of Historical Wedding.Historical wedding themes are a little bit more difficult to accomplish as you need to do more research about that certain period of times, what people used to eat and wear, and you need to make sure that all your guests are into this theme.

Before anything else you need to make everyone have fun at the wedding and remember it in a pleasant way and not everybody is receptive to a history theme.

In order to ease your search we will suggest some of the most famous period of times and the exact years that delimitate them: the Elizabethan period (1558- 1603), the Shakespearean period (1564-1616), the Ancient Rome times (9 BC-5 AD), the Ancient Greece period (750BC -146BC), the Medieval era (5AD- 14th century) and the Renaissance period (14th century-17th century).

The Ancient Rome wedding theme should be dominated by red, purple, white and gold colours. The bride’s dress should be long and large similar to a toga but without the sleeves. Flat golden shoes tied to the ankle are a must for this outfit. Bride’s wedding bouquet can be made out of lilies, orchids and decorated with herbs.

The groom’s outfit is similar to the bride’s and he must also wear a laurel wreath on the head. Make sure you have lots of fruits on the table arranged in large bowls, and arrange rose petals on the centre of each table. As far as the menu is concerned it is advisable to serve the classic Cesar salad, roasted pig and fruitcakes with honey as desert.

There are many other suggestions for this wedding theme; it only depends on how far you are willing to go to make it real. You will probably never succeed to imitate the Romans entirely but it is important to make it look as authentic as possible.

If you have in mind a medieval wedding theme then you must pick your place carefully. There are various locations that might suit such a wedding theme. The most appropriate ones would be an old castle or a church, but you can also go for a woodland park, a chalet, a backyard garden or a historical house.

There are so many aspects to be covered in a medieval wedding theme and there are all kinds of amusements possible you probably know all of them from medieval festivals and renaissance fairs. This is a very popular wedding theme and you will have no trouble finding information about even the smallest details.

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