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Outdoor wedding themes are also very popular because they come with the spring or summer season. You can organize your wedding in a backyard garden, a park, on the beach, in a botanical garden, on a yacht or boat, at the aquarium or even at the zoo.

The disadvantages when it comes to an outdoor wedding reception are regarding the facilities. It is a little bit more complicated to serve food and drinks in a place that is not especially made for this and it becomes very difficult if the weather is not on your side either. Make sure you have all the facilities in nearby in case anything unplanned may occur.

Among the most famous outdoor weddings we have the Victorian wedding theme that is held in a backyard garden in the afternoon and looks a lot like a garden tea party. We have already described it before so for those that are interested they can read about it at the summer wedding themes section.

The outdoor tent wedding can be a great option. Although you will have the tent there providing you shelter from the bad weather it will still not be pleasant to have all your wedding guests hiding under the tent and running from rain. Also if the weather is very hot, under the tent the temperature will be even higher.

If you consider this type of wedding you should be careful then with the following steps: you must plan it in time as it is summer time and the wedding planners are at their busiest time of the year; wedding costs will be higher than in case any other type of indoor wedding as you will need to rent everything and have more people help you install things; book everything at least eight months earlier including the caterer and photographer. 

When planning an outdoor tent wedding it is advisable to have the meetings with all the collaborators at the chosen location of the wedding and many months before the wedding. They should all see the spot and plan everything around it. The Company renting the tent must be there fist and receive direct indications from you and your wedding planner regarding the exact position of the tent.

The photographer must also know in time how the location looks and make a plan about the right angles, and the caterers should see exact where the food and drinks will be seated. It is highly complicated to organize such a wedding because you will have to make all the teams hired to work together and take advice one from another, and this is not an easy job at all.

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