Summer Wedding Themes

Picture of Summer Wedding Theme.Summer wedding themes are the most popular of all. Summer time is considered to e the perfect time of the year for weddings. Most people choose summer wedding dates, especially those in June as it is warm, it is the time for vacations, and there are plenty of summer destinations for the honeymoon.

If you decide over a summer wedding, it is essential that you start planning it in time because in this time of the year wedding planners are loaded with work, and wedding locations for ceremonies and receptions are overbooked.

Due to the wedding popularity of this season you might also encounter problems in finding all the accessories you need in short time same with finding an available florist and photographer. Booking early is the key to a perfect summer wedding.

Summertime is also the favourite time for designers. You will find it difficult to choose among the multitude of wedding dresses available for a summer wedding, both for the bride and the maids of honour. This is a time for vivid colours, and lots of natural ornaments so you will have plenty of options for decorating as well. You can become creative and organize an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding (this is an extremely popular wedding theme) or a tropical wedding.

However you must consider that summertime weather is also tricky. You can have both sunny mild and a little windy weather, in some fortunate cases, but it can also be extremely hot or it can even rain heavily. It is important not to take chances and consider the wedding guests as well. No matter the wedding theme you decide to go for, try to have a shelter in nearby of your wedding location, if possible with air conditioned as well.

Another great aspect about summer wedding themes is the endless possibilities for natural flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. Choose a wedding theme and your wedding planner will help you decide over the right wedding bouquet. Among the most popular wedding flowers are: daisies, tiger lilies, geraniums, hyacinth, hollyhock, foxglove, roses, bachelor buttons, carnations, pansies, poppies, calla lilies and sunflowers.

Daisy summer wedding theme is a popular theme because nothing symbolizes summer better than daisies. A complete daisy summer wedding theme includes white and yellow colours, daisy applications on the bride’s dress and hat (if is the case) and the maid of honour’s dresses, daisies bouquets for the bridesmaids, daisy boutonnière for the groom’s suit and the grooms’ men, daisy wedding invitations, daisy enlarged pictures and daisy baskets for the room’s decorations, daisy vases for the table decorations and daisy shaped cake ornaments. You can also go for other types of daises and other colours, we have only mentioned the classical aspects, and the rest is up to you and your wedding planner.    

You can also try going for a garden celebration summer wedding theme. This is more like a Victorian style wedding theme. The wedding will take place in the afternoon, and all the decorations will be in pastel colours. The perfect location will be in a large garden or pavilion area and the silver and china dishes are a must. The chairs must be decorated with large bows in ivory or other pastel colours. The wedding cake must be fruity and decorated with white fondant. There are so many derivations to this wedding theme but the best way is for you to figure out which of them match your taste and which ones you would like to adjust.
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