Vintage Wedding Themes

Picture of Vintage Weddings.Vintage wedding themes are more appropriate for those that are into sophisticated weddings with style and class. You can opt for roaring twenties wedding theme or the crazy fifties wedding theme.

These wedding themes offer plenty of fabulous details to take care of but the impact made on the guests is guaranteed. Choose one of our vintage wedding themes and you will have a unique and extravagant wedding that everybody will be talking about over the years.

The Victorian age wedding theme can take place as an afternoon tea party or perhaps a more intimate gathering in the morning. Fancy dresses, gloves, pastel colours sun umbrellas are only few of the details you will need to take care of for such a wedding theme.

Before starting to prepare for a classical Victorian wedding theme you must consider the strict rules and strong superstitions that were respected at that time. Do some research in order to better understand those times and make sure you inform all the wedding guests regarding the prejudices of that age. There is no fun in a wedding theme as long as it is not entirely followed.

If you prefer more the Roaring Twenties theme you will have vintage dresses decorated with feathers, elegant pearl necklaces and remarkable jazz music, or maybe a jazz band playing live. A flapper dress would be the best choice and a long pearl necklace or other kind of beads. Use lilies and orchids for the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaid’s ones.

You can decorate the wedding location with pictures of the most famous artists of that time and use curtains made of beads at the main entrances. The brides’ bouquet must be large and no matter what flowers you decide to use for it (preferable calla lilies and gardenias) it must be decorated with ostrich feathers. The food served should be roasted instead of anything else in order to respect the wedding theme.

Moving forward in history we have the thirties also names “Art Deco” when the big band occurred and the forties, both these periods can make excellent vintage wedding themes. Lots of helium balloons and bubbles must float in the air. Swing music was the coolest in trend and small toys shaped like music instruments are great decorations for this wedding theme. The wedding cake can also be shaped like a musical instrument (trumpet, saxophone).

The wedding dress should be made of satin and of course have a drop shoulder; extra long gloves and a hat with a face veil are a must. Decorate the vine and champagne bottles with fake pearls for a more elegant aspect. Prepare everybody to dance Charleston on great quality music.

Everybody loves rock’ n ’roll, so a fifties wedding theme will cover excellent music and poodle skirts , or if you are more into the disco music you can adopt a seventies vintage wedding theme with short skirts, tight pants and lots of large and obvious jewelleries.

Choosing a vintage wedding theme will keep you and your wedding planner busy with the research and preparations, and although it will be a little bit more difficult to find the dresses and convince all the guests to wear them, it will a wedding that will make everybody part of it body an soul. This is a more unusual approach of a wedding but it will bring nostalgia to the older guests and joy to the young ones and above all it will turn your wedding day into a part of history.
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