Winter Wedding Themes

Picture of Winter Wedding Themes.Winter wedding themes are not very common as most people prefer spring and summer because of the nice weather. Winter wedding themes are more appealing to those that live in regions where there is not much winter, and they choose this theme as a real dear one for them as they associate it with Christmas time.

However if you decide for a winter wedding theme you must make sure that you have snowflakes shaped decorations and crystals. The colours dominating your wedding must be white, ruby reds, ice blue, teal green and silver. Add decoration lights to inside of the location, on the bar and the outside trees.

Another option would be the flowers of winter wedding theme but the colours will remain the mentioned ones. The bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquet will be made of winter flowers and the whole room will be decorated with the same flowers.

The winter flowers are those flowers available during wintertime like: lilies, roses, calla, carnations, chrysanthemums, gardenias, freesia and magnolia. You can choose one of them or combine some of them but you need to make sure the flowers you decide to combine have the same sizes and look good together.

The decorations can be made of pine cones, holly leaves, eucalyptus, pomegranate, pumpkins and wheat stems. Choosing a flower wedding theme can be tricky since they come in so many shades and might not match one another; you must be extremely careful when picking your flower wedding theme as it may come as a complete disaster. Also try to read a little bit about the flower you decide over. As you may know, all flowers have certain meanings and by learning these meanings you can make your decision easier for the one that best suits you.

A crystal ice palace wedding theme must be decorated with lots of Christmas trees, even fake ones; the trees are sprayed with white painting, plastic snow flakes hanging from the ceiling and crystal clear helium balloons floating in the room. The wedding cake can be snowflake shaped and if not it should still be white with snowflakes decorations. You can seat in the centre of every table crystal Christmas trees; there are so many models that you may go for and the effect is spectacular.

A winter wonderland wedding theme would mean that everything must be decorated as if it would have snowed heavily on it. Lots of trees on the inside and outside, silver and white balloons, plastic crystal clear snowflakes, white candles on the table, white and silver ribbons falling from the ceiling are only some of our suggestions.

The tablecloth should be pure white, same as the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, the cake and the wedding bouquet. As we mentioned before, be careful with the different shades of white you might find. It might not be appropriate combining too many of them. The bride should go for jewelleries like ruby, sapphire or emeralds.

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